The Holidays: You Can Have Joy during this Season

If you have a faith tradition, many people celebrate the holidays in different ways. Somehow for my family, I make the decision in October to be reasonable about gifts for my family. I say we have everything we need and are extremely blessed. Then, by December something weird happens. I don’t know if it is the thousands of TV ads, the stores, Pinterest, I go overboard. This happens every year.

Then comes family personalities, I love my family but everyone is so different. It often feels impossible to meet the needs of family members. I try to fulfill these distinct roles but this can be stressful. Has this happened for you?

Many people don’t like the holidays. I can understand this. It can bring back memories of trauma and loss.  Maybe every Thanksgiving makes you think of your mom or Dad because they are no longer living or they are somehow absent from your life.

Many families have struggled with substance abuse and this has caused problems during the holidays.  This can lead to many problems. Often, individuals have had to be very responsible and had to take care of things especially during in the holidays.

It’s okay to not be so thrilled about the holidays.  There are things you can do. Take care of yourself. Make sure to get plenty of rest. Enjoy finding gifts for your family and friends. Make a budget and stick to it. The holidays are most remembered for the moments not the stuff that people get. Trying to find unique gifts. Giving to others in need as a family. Doing volunteering. If you can’t do this, donate to charities you support that you know does good works.

This year can be a positive experience for your family. Remember, you will only have this time once. No one’s holidays are perfect, that’s just Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or whatever. This is your opportunity. Go out and do it. You’ll be happy that you did.