Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault: Why So Much Silence?

Why do people remain silent when they know sexual harassment or sexual assault occurs? Who are they protecting? Why do they feel that they need to not say anything? Many times, people don’t want to get involved in difficult situations. Denial can be a powerful way to keep people silent. Will recent events in Hollywood finally make a difference or is this story going to fade away? I hope that it doesn’t.

Many people suffer in silence and don’t share about their trauma until years later, this can be when they are no longer in the situation and it is safe to share.  Some people choose to never share about their abuse. This can be very confusing to those who have never experienced this type of trauma. Why wouldn’t people report?

There are many reasons. Often, many survivors feel like somehow, they were responsible which we all know is simply not true.  Others may just feel that it is pointless because they know, the person will not receive consequences for their actions. There are also many reasons that are specific to each person.

If you are struggling with dealing with trauma from abuse or know someone: listen and believe them. Sexual harassment and sexual assault can happen to any one male, female, rich, poor, or any race. The one thing it counts on is silence and shame.

Try to encourage your friend or family member to talk to someone. Therapy is often a good for people due to it being a confidential to discuss their concerns with a trained professional. Nelson Family Counseling is available to discuss their abuse. Call for a free consultation. 309-826-3566.