Consulting, Public Speaking & In Service

Nelson Family Counseling offers a variety of consulting services, primarily related to helping schools manage children and teens with emotional and behavioral problems.

I do in-service training for school staff on common childhood mental health issues, developing a behavior management system for your classroom, positive ways to help parents experiencing problems with their child, and specific techniques to reach children/teens experiencing difficulties.

I am also available to give seminars to community organizations on the following subjects:

  • How to manage depression & anxiety
  • How to advocate for your child with an IEP/504 plan
  • Working cooperatively with a school to get your child’s needs met
  • Navigating the mental health system to insure your child receives the treatment they need
  • How to advocate for yourself when you are needing mental health services
  • Managing Bipolar Disorder
  • How to support a loved one struggling with mental health concerns